About me.

Joel Fong is a Singaporean commercial and fine art photographer who specialises in still life, landscape, and documentary photography with a colourful yet deliberate approach. 

Food and product photography is Fong’s forte in the realm of still life. He is able to delightfully portray delicious food and scrumptious desserts, while also excelling in capturing a product’s form and shape in a stunning manner.

Fong's fine art photographic work centers around the idea of cultural erosion and the everyday. His latest photobook project "Tsukiji: Memories of a Market" documents the world's biggest fish market at its historic location in Tsukiji, Tokyo before it got relocated to a nearby modern facility. The charm and essence of Tsukiji Market is captured in these images from the perspective of an outsider and yet presented in an intimate manner that aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia in all viewers.

He is currently based in Singapore and looks forward to creating more images that captivate and excite viewers in the future. 

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